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Faithfull :: Marianne Faithfull [entries|friends|calendar]
Faithfull :: Marianne Faithfull

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Vintage Marianne [06 Jul 2012|11:09pm]


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An advert for my new, yet old group... [11 Aug 2009|04:36pm]

Having a hard time finding steampunk or dark cabaret bands?  I know I am.  For one, MySpace is a menace to me, as much as a joy.  Perhaps others have experienced my plight.

I would like to introduce you to steampunkmusic , my new group.  I created this group in order to keep up with the large advent of dark cabaret, steampunk, gypsy punk and countless other subgenres.   I would like it to clear up confusion on where to find steampunk music. If you are in a band of any genre like this, please add yourself to the friends list, so people can find you.

Feel free to join and post anything as long as it has to do with these genres of music.  I am pretty liberal with what you can post.


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[06 Mar 2009|12:09am]



a stab at brightening this place up, favourite photo post!

so post away your favourite photos of the lovely marianne!

a few of mine...Collapse )
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A small review [07 Feb 2009|09:30am]

hi, this is a small review of Rich Kids Blues that i wrote - just found it again when i was tidying my tags up.

don't know if it will be of interest but here tis.:)
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[10 Nov 2008|09:28pm]

[8] Jane Asher
[5] Marianne Faithfull
[4] Pattie Boyd
[5] Katy Perry
[3] Demi Lovato

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more over here at gold_lion_icons

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[01 Nov 2008|09:56pm]



Hope this is ok, there's a Marianne Faithfull challenge going on over at groupie_stillsif anyone's interested everyone is more than welcome xxx
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[12 Feb 2008|04:01pm]

I just stumbled across this and thought it of interest

Marianne mentions her in her biography when she first went away with Mick (i think) to italy.  

he has aweb site here http://www.valimyers.com/
and a wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vali_Myers
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[05 Feb 2008|11:06pm]

Some nice clips of Marianne singing in the 60's

Medley of what have they done to the rain and as tears go by 
Hier Ou Demain from the made for tv french film Anna - was released on a french ep.
Summer nights
From french tv 1966
Summer nights in french
Come and stay with me (frrom france)
This little bird

Jackie DeShannon singing as tears go by (she wrote a fair few song for marianne, including come and stay with and in my time of sorrow) 
Actress who plays Morticia from the addams family (the 60s tv show) singing this little bird
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[01 Feb 2008|12:58am]

 Seeing as tis hasn't been posted yet and for thoes who haven't heard..


Actress/singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL is "lucky to be alive" after suffering from Hepatitis C for the past 12 years. The 60-year-old, who battled breast cancer last year (06), let slip she contracted the viral disease during an interview on British television on Thursday (11Oct07). Faithfull has given up alcohol to avoid aggravating the condition which could lead to fatal liver disease. She says, "I suppose it would be nice to have a glass of wine. But it really wouldn't be good for my health. "You know, I do have Hep C. And the worst thing for that is alcohol. "I found out 12 years ago. Life and my health have become much more precious to me." Faithfull, a former heroin addict, made no link between her reckless youth and contracting the virus. However, she admits having taken "a lot of risks" in her lifetime. She adds, "I was incredibly lucky. I shouldn't be alive, I know that." 

from http://www.contactmusic.com/news.nsf/article/faithfull%20ive%20had%20hepatitis%20for%2012%20years_1046391
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[14 Jan 2008|04:48pm]

  new layout up, finally. nothing special, pretty basic, but it's been a bit of a drama sorting it out..livejournal never fails to confuse me.
hopefully if i get a chance i shall make a batch of marianne avatars. try and get that done this week.
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[07 Nov 2007|11:47pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

 Hi everyone...I'm new here, can't wait to get to know you all! My seven year old daughter is called Marianne...for obvious reasons...

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Irina Palm [13 Oct 2007|01:25am]

Hi all! I saw Irina Palm film today, and it's really great. I'm amazed by how good Marianne is at representing a woman who is absolutely NOT Marianne. And her legendary voice is there, of course.
I read somewhere Irina Palm was Marianne's first lead role in a film since 1968's Girl on a Motorcycle. The 39 years waisted are a great shame for mobie industry (thankfully not so for music).
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[02 Oct 2007|09:23pm]

i just found the full film of lucifer rising on google video which stars marianne, probably her weirdest film role ever, but interesting if you've not seen it and you can down it directly from there, altho i beleive there is going to be a volume 2 of kenneth anger films coming out on dvd soon which should contain lucifer rising and another short film he did that mick jagger scored the soundtrack. 
very good article in a back issue of uncut magazine about Anger, with quotes by and a few nice pictures of marianne.
well worth reading specially if you've a fan of his work or into crowley plus anita,brian, keith, mick and jimmy page all crop up.

you can find the video by just googling google video and then when your on the site just do a search for lucifer rising, it's 28 minutes long and you get to see marianne covered in grey make up looking quite spooky.
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[24 Jun 2007|11:44am]

just to let thoes in the uk know, tonight about 10.50pm on itv there's a southbank show special on marianne..so set your video/dvd recorders..looks like it could be quite good.
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MarianneFaithfull.net [05 Jun 2007|06:36am]

MarianneFaithfull.net has just opened a forum. Feel free to go to the site and register an account on the forum and join the discussions.

 Thank you
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[31 May 2007|11:46pm]

i have a signed lp of marianne's first album, so it's made me curious if it is a proper autograph, it looks fairly real from what i can tell and it certainly isn't new so i was wondering if anyone else has anything signed by marianne (idealy from the 60s !) so i can compare mine..i'm not botherd if it is a faked one but it'd be pretty damn cool if it is real.
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"Faithful Reveals She Has No Money " [15 May 2007|12:18am]


British singer Marianne Faithfull fears she will be a "penniless pensioner" and is desperately trying to save cash to fund her retirement.

The former girlfriend of rocker Mick Jagger hopes money from her upcoming European tour, Songs of the Innocence and Experience, will enable her to live in comfort.

The 60-year-old says:  I'm not prepared to be 70 and absolutely broke. I realised last year that I have no safety net at all and I'm going to have to get one. So I need to change my attitude to life, which means I have to put away 10 per cent every year of my old age."

Faithful added: I want to be in a position where I don't have to work. I should have thought about this a long time ago but I didn't."



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[27 Apr 2007|10:04pm]

Some high resolution pics of Marianne here, if anyone is interested. :)
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tour tour touuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur dates. [25 Apr 2007|07:06pm]

from myspace:

Here are Marianne's upcoming dates for the US and Canada, including the tours closing night in New York City which is now confirmed.

May 24 Anaheim, House of Blues
May 26 San Francisco, The Fillmore
May 28, Portland, Wonder Ballroom
May 29 Vancouver, Centre for the Performing Arts
May 31 Edmonton, Winspear centre
June 2, Calgary, Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
June 6 NY, Kaye Playhouse
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[12 Apr 2007|12:46pm]

You gotta love her....

"LATEST: A London pub landlord has caved into protests from fans of THE KINKS to keep iconic band memorabilia at the establishment. Brothers RAY and DAVE DAVIES pleaded with the new owner of The Clissold Arms not to remove photos, plaques and records from the venue - where they played their first gig in 1963 - to make room for an upmarket eaterie. Retaining the shrine to the WATERLOO SUNSET rockers attracted the support of ex-BEATLE RINGO STARR, singer MARIANNE FAITHFULL and film director JULIEN TEMPLE, who all signed a petition. And the campaign seems to have worked. CAROLINE JONES, of the pub's new developer, says, "We have no intention of removing it." Delighted Dave says, "This is fantastic for our fans. I've been getting emails from Japanese people saying they come over and visit the Tower of London and Big Ben then go to (this pub). Bizarre, but it's sweet"

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